My Experience Using Integromat for Personal Productivity

In my work and everyday life, I am a supporter of automation, so I often use various process automation services, such as IFTTT, Zapier, etc. In this article, I want to talk about my experience using the Integromat service and how it helped me in setting up a personal productivity system.

I want to say immediately that this is my system and for many, it will probably seem strange and uncomfortable. But I think this is the essence of a personal system, everyone creates it for themselves and over time it will undergo changes. Therefore, integration and automation services are so popular now.

In the beginning, I assumed that my task was quite standard and I would quickly set up integration into IFTTT or Zapier. I needed to link Todoist and Trello, as I spend the main time in them related to planning and analyzing the work done. Many services provide for setting up such a connection, but in my case, it was necessary to add an item with the text of this task in the checklist in the Trello card when creating a task in Todoist.

And the card in Trello must match the project in Todoist. It turned out that not all services can. In free versions, they definitely could not, and in paid ones, it was not entirely obvious whether it would turn out. I began to pick up such services and discovered that there are a lot of them.

I was lucky and I quickly stumbled upon the Integromat service. I was attracted to a large number of different available services for creating integrations and the ability to create scenarios of any length and complexity even on a free tariff. Having played a little, I realized that there is everything that is needed to solve my problem, and probably to solve anyone.

In general, two separate scenarios turned out.

The first scenario. Tracks the emergence of new cards in Trello. My new card means a new project. When a new card is created, a checklist is automatically created in it (tasks from Todoist will then be added to it), a project is created in Todoist, and an entry containing the card id, checklist id, project id is entered into the internal Integromat database, in general, all that will be required in further work. The internal base is the coolest integration feature, it seriously expands the possibilities of creating integrations and interacting between different scenarios. I used it for the interaction between the scenarios.

Second scenario. Tracks the emergence of new tasks in Todoist, finds card data and checklist in the database to which it belongs, and adds an entry to the card checklist in Trello.

Then I added some beauty. I painted projects in Todoist in different colors, depending on the belonging of the card to a specific Trello board. Added integration on some tasks with Google Calendar. I will certainly not stop there, I will further improve the existing scenarios, I will add integration with Google Drive. There are still plans to make one integration with Notion, it is not in the applications available for scenarios, but I am sure that this is possible. Since it is possible to send HTTP requests and receive webhooks, so it should be possible to establish communication with a service with an API. And there is also the opportunity to add any service on its own. Of course, this will require programming knowledge and not everyone will cope with it, but the opportunity itself is very pleasing.

In general, the Integromat is excellent, I really liked it and I will use it for work and in everyday life. Another thing I liked, it has a very logical payment system. Payment is for the number of transactions performed by scenarios per month. At a free tariff, this is 1000 transactions per month. My two scenarios were more than enough. Of course, it is unlikely with new modifications. But seeing that my productivity has only increased I will gladly switch to a paid tariff (10,000 transactions for $9 per month). I hope you will like the service, and if you need help creating a script, you can contact me.

This is my first article. Clap it, if you like it. If the topic turns out to be interesting I will write more about my experience with Integromat.